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Test – Air purifier vs open up window

Data shows that witht an air cleaner, keeping doors and windows closed room will keep particulate pollution levels at 50% the particular level of outdoor air. But for those, keeping windows open is absolutely essential. You might want to maintain your windows open to reduce chemicals such as VOCs and formaldehyde levels down in your residense or office, or maybe to scale back CO2 levels inside.

Can you'll find it both ways – clear air AND open windows? Or put it other ways – do air purifiers do the job when windows are open? CK from the Smart Air team put this question on the test by running the DIY Cannon home air purifiers Smart Air’s 12m2 Beijing test lab six times with the window open and closed.

Test – Air purifier vs open up window
The effect on indoor air pollution levels of having your window open could be more prominent when outdoor air is definitely hazardous, so CK chose two days when outdoor polluting of the environment was bad (February 14th as well as 15th) for his tests. During these two days, Beijing’s AQI averaged 239 and 290 according to the US Embassy.

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