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The founders of Summer Fridays savvily opt for drawn aluminum tubing

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The Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask has been one of the hyped and popular skin care launches on the season. The $48 leave-on mask/moisturizer hybrid became the best-selling scrub your pores clean product at Sephora less compared to two weeks after launching throughout March, and it has subsequently sold on the market three more times. While some of its reputation can surely be attributed to the fact Summer Fridays’ founders, Marianna Hewitt as well as Lauren Gores, are lifestyle bloggers and influencers using a huge social media network (Kim Kardashian perhaps shared it on her app), I’m convinced that the metal tube is a huge part of the appeal.

The founders of Summer Fridays savvily opt for cornflower blue tube, ensuring who's would immediately stand out within a sea of millennial pink splendor packaging. But the real genius decision here? They put the item in an aluminum tube, a good Instagram shelfie-savvy move if generally there ever was one.

“The light weight aluminum really stands out, ” claims Hewitt. “We wanted it to become this beautiful piece on your current beauty counter. We loved that no matter if it was used or if it turned out brand new, it still looked excellent. With a lot of plastic material tubes, when they start to turn into empty, they just look a little deflated. We wanted it for being photogenic. ”

It’s no secret that packaging is significant to consumers. Humans are hardwired to become drawn to things we get attractive, so no matter how good the goop could be inside, the outside is often what makes us pick it up at first. A commonly shared statistic in the marketing world is that at the least one-third of consumer choices are determined by packaging.

It’s hard to pinpoint precisely what makes an aluminum tube a lot more aesthetically pleasing than its uglier plastic counterparts or other types of packaging, but I’m going to attempt because it’s a trend in beauty packaging at this point.


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